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What customers are saying?
From: Connie Tucci
Our first night, it rained so hard that the busses didn't run! We were lost in SoHo trying to get back to Times Square. In the case of rain- the pass should be extended. The other busses seemed to cme by more often as well.
From: John Vento
Great experience, I definitely give credit to our outstanding tour guide Phyllis. She was amazing and she knew her city in and out and was funny also.
José, our tour guide, was really helpful and excellent narrator.
From: Joyce Romanchuk
I took a few tours with this company. The Statue by Night tour guide was fabulous. She gave us a lot of information and was very funny and personalble.
The day trip to Woodbury Outlet Mall was a bus trip. Nothing good or bad to say about it.
The Downtown Tour and Top of the Rock was disappointing. The first tour guide was incredible. He was an older guy wearing a hat and gave us loads of information/history and we all had a lot of fun with him. We got off at the 911 Memorial and the young tour guide we had for the remainder of the tour was terrible. He was more interested in giving us personal information about himself, the number of broadway shows he had seen and singing New York, New York - twice.....We went past what we thought was the United Nations Building, but were not sure as the guide was singing. A group of us on the bus had come to the conclusion that it must have been the United Nations Building because of all the flag poles. There were a number of other sites we would have liked to know what they were, but the guides agenda wasn't the same as a large number of us on the bus. It just became a joke with all of us. Needless to say, this guide did not get a tip from us.
From: Jessica Li
Good luck
From: Roger Hildebrandt
Very Good way to spend a short time in the city. Stayed on the bus for the 2 hour tour and Joshua Pearse was a great guide.
From: Mary Theresa Saurman
Would like to take time to make you aware of your wonderful Team & Crew that work in "The Battery" area. Everyone one of them were absolutely "Top-Notch" with their service, directions & assistance.
Two standouts on tours were "Chris' of the Brooklyn Tour. He was marvelous & so much fun. Great guy. Let him know the two sisters from Boston had a super time on his tour 6/18th. Also; Anna from "Downtown Tour" was very pleasant & informative. She was a joy to be with 6/17.
We took the cruise from Pier 78...& everyone there were delightful too!
Again "Thankyou" for having such really nice employees on your Staff...made the time in NYC a grand experience.- Mary Theresa Saurman & her sister Peg.
From: Daniel Lee
i was on your downtown tour with Tour Guide: sherwood, what a fantastic tour guide, great laugh and very knowledgable!
From: Daleen Roux
Dear James,

This email is just to thank you for your excellent service and commentary on our tour on Tuesday, 11th June. Of our three trips on the City Sights bus, we enjoyed yours the most. You gave very interesting facts about the city with good humor. For the rest of the week my sons copied your "Ah, a Starbucks!"

Thank you also for your help with my son's wheelchair. It was much appreciated.

Kind regards,
From: Laura Dargie
I took the bus tours on Saturday and Sunday and loved it! Every one of our guides were fun and informative. One guide in particular, Jose De La Cruz, stood out because of his passion for the city. He was very funny and down to earth. At one point of our uptown tour, our bus was actually held "hostage" by a very rude family who refused to get off our full bus. Jose kept his cool the whole time even though these horribly mouthy people tried to ruin everyones experience and delay our tour. He handled the situation very well and we were soon on our way. Thanks for the great experience.
From: Peter Kohl
The tour was great, especially I want to praise our tour guide Darius, he was so enthusiastic, the highlight was his singing of "New York, New York" - fabulous!! What an experience.
From: Ingo Reese
My wife and I used your Hop-on-tour today .
Our guide introduced himself as "Gary".
He did such an interesting and entertaining tour, that we stayed even longer at he bus, that we had planned. We had also used other Hop-on-tours, but this guy was really outstanding.
From: peter jensen
Your driver, Gary, gets 5 stars for his excellent narration of our Brooklyn tour last night
From: Marlaina Stoddard
Had a great time touring with City Sights!! Phillyis was by far our favorite guide! She was knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor.
From: Wes Campbell
We've been to New York twice and both times used NYC bus tickets to tour the city and access the sights. You made our holidays a real joy and given us some great memories. The transport around the city plus the varied personalities of the guides and also the discounted or free access to various sights make these tours a must. Keep up the good work.
From: Michael Roberts
Your tours with the recorded commentary were ordinary and no different to any other tour offered in any major city. However, with Sherwood with his wit and humour details of the tour were easily retained. He seemed very knowledgable and sincere and was without doubt the best tour guide we have experienced. I don't know how much he is paid but I'm sure it's not enough.
Michael and Dorreetka Roberts
From: Cindy Downing
My group and I purchased the All Around Town tour. Great value!!! It rained one day so I am sure that would have been better if it had been better weather. Only complaints would be the audio, one our first bus so loud downstairs we had to use earplugs. On our 2nd time on the downtown loop, the microphone didnt broadcast to the back of the bus (uptop) Guide had to stand by us for us to hear tour. Darryl on the downtown loop and Irene on the Uptown loop were amazing! The best tours by far was the Harbor Tour and the night tour the guides for these were awesome, very knowledgeable and friendly, wish I could remember their names too. All the guides on CitySights were friendly (not so much Greyline for the Brooklyn tour) and made us feel welcome. I would recommend your service to anyone.
From: Debbie and Peter Clare
Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed your hop on hop off tour. We had a great tour guide. His name is Sherwood and we found him to be very informative, entertaining and was able to converse with real heart. Thank you for opening our eyes to N. Y. Kind regards Debbie and Peter Clarke
From: Laura Lee Ward
The tours were fabulous! My FAVOURITE guide was Phyllis! She was on the downtown route on our second day and we really enjoyed her. When we were taking our last trip around we were sooooo excited to see her again!

The only negative points I found were that the pick up and drop off points are not very well marked for people who are in NY for the first time. We found it very difficult to find where exactly we were supposed to be to hop back on once we had hopped off. The other negative point was that the line up for the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Ferry was sssssssssoooooooo llllloooonnnngggg that we didn't even get a chance to use that portion of our tickets. If someone had told us (like perhaps the person selling the tickets) that to get on the ferry you needed to make that your first stop of your day, we would have arranged our day to include it.

Otherwise, we enjoyed every minute of our trip to New York and Phyllis just helped make our trip that much more relaxed and informative! Thank you so much for the great time!
From: Julie Parent
my sister and I went to NYC during Memorial weekend and we had a blast! i usually don't do tour bus but hop-on hop-off are so worth it. what makes it priceless though is an excellent guide: we had Sherwood as our downtown guide and we absolutely love his wicked sense of humor, his knowledge and passion for this city. While keeping it light and highly entertaining, he also brought the right level of solemnity and respect as we passed landmarks such as WTC Memorial. he made us see the city from a different point of view, with the past explaining the present. i wished the tour last longer, i would've love to listen to more stories!

-Julie & Line
VT & Montreal,QC
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