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Plan Your Trip to the Big Apple Film Festival


New York is a city that is known for doing everything bigger and better. Even going to the movies can be an experience that takes you far beyond the mundane. If you are in town during the latter part of the year, make sure you consider visiting the Big Apple Film Festival.

This festival is the place to be for film enthusiasts. It is a chance for local artists and newcomers in the industry to show off their work to an appreciative audience. It runs for several days and features a variety of different styles and genera of independent films.

Who Should Attend

Artists, writers, and performers will certainly be present. If you are an aspiring filmmaker, you may want to visit to check out the work of other talented professionals. Perhaps you just really enjoy watching the movies, and that’s okay. You’re welcome too.

There is the likelihood that you will be rubbing elbows with some the industry’s more influential and famous filmmakers. Some of the past attendees and awards recipients have included:

• Cuba Gooding Jr.
• Jesse Eisenburg
• Haley Joel Osment
• Jerry Stiller

This is a great venue for those that are impressed more by performing excellence and the skill of the craft than the dazzle of Hollywood stardom.

The Types of Movies Shown

Films are from independent filmmakers and span an entire range of styles and niches. Awards are given for multiple categories and include:

• Best Feature Film
• Best Short Film
• Best Documentary
• Best Animation
• New York Emerging Talent Award

Filmmakers work with the resources that they have available to challenge and entertain their audience. While all of the films are lower budget and independent in nature, they are no less complex or provocative than bigger budget films backed by fancy production companies. This festival is a chance to see true craftsmanship in a performing art that is typically overwhelmed by commercial forces in the larger markets.

Other Things Going On

The lobby of the theater is where most of the off-screen action takes place. Mingle with other enthusiasts and discuss the highs and lows of your favorite films. The filmmakers themselves will be available to provide commentary and answer questions. An awards ceremony honors the top films, and there are plenty of opportunities to network. Those who are passionate about making movies are able to build contacts that will help them work towards completing future projects.

Finding and Attending the Festival

The Big Apple Film Festival takes place at the Village East Cinema and will last for several days starting in early November. This historic older building still has its own classic charm and is regarded as one of the best places in the city to watch movies.

It is advisable that you plan your visit well in advance. Fortunately tickets can be purchased online before you arrive. Show times, summaries, and reviews can be researched so that you can plan your attendance around the showings you want to see the most.

If you are visiting New York in the colder winter months, make a plan to swing by the Big Apple Film Festival. Combine the excitement of the city with one of the best film festivals in the country.