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Encuentro NYC Colombian Music Festival


New York is one of the most diverse cities in the world, with cultures and people from all over the globe. If you really want to experience the magic of this city, then a great way to do it is to experience one of the many local celebrations that are held throughout the year. One of the best choices is Encuentro NYC, a massive Colombian music festival.

The Celebration

Encuentro is Spanish for “encounter” or “meeting”, a fitting name since this festival allows attendees an intimate experience with some of the best traditions in Colombian music. Visitors are treated to over six hours of delightful musical styles, including cumbia, vallenato, traditional Andean songs, modern takes on older forms, and even jazz. This musical tour of the country is wide-ranging and diverse, with something for everyone to enjoy. Created by musicians Pablo Mayor and Anna Povich de Mayor, Encuentro NYC is a great opportunity to experience Latin music.

The Artists

This music festival also offers a chance to enjoy some of the hottest artists in the Colombian music scene, from old favorites to new hits. Performers include both American-based groups that have roots in the country, as well as popular artists straight from Colombia. In past years, the festival has included hits such as Juan Andres Ospina, Johanna Castañeda and Grupo Llanero, the Pajarillo Pinta'o Dance Company, Edmar Castañeda, and the FolkColombia All Stars. This year’s festival will feature over 50 different performers, including:

• Gregorio Uribe and his Big Band
• Pablo Mayor and the Folklore Urbano
• Ricardo Gallo
• The Cumbia River Band
• Sebastián Cruz
• Veronica Tierra
• Alejandro Flórez and the Tin Throat Project
• Nilko Andreas Guarín


Performances will include opportunities for the audience to dance, as well as a number of chances to just sit and listen to the magic of the music. In addition, the surrounding area has a number of Latin dance clubs where visitors can show off their moves.

This Year

The Colombian music festival takes place during Latin American Cultural Week in NYC, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Organized by PAMAR (Pan American Musical Art Research), it’s a great time to come and celebrate Latin America.

The 2015 Encuentro NYC festival will take place on Saturday, November 14th, beginning at 4:00 PM. Held at Le Poisson Rouge, the celebration will have food and drink available for purchase. If you’re going to be in New York during Latin American Cultural Week, then this Colombian music festival is an excellent way to celebrate Hispanic culture.