• Delicious Sailboat Brunch Cruises


    New York City is famous for its skyline—and one of the best places to get that view is aboard a boat. Having brunch on a sailboat is a great way to enjoy delicious food and expansive views.
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  • The New York City Columbus Day Parade


    The Columbus Day Parade in New York City is a massive celebration of discovery, dedication, and Italian-American heritage that comes to town every October. This parade is an excellent way to celebrate the holiday and get to know the city better.
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  • Columbus Day Crafts and Other Activities in NYC


    Columbus Day in New York City is a massive festival that celebrates all things Italian American. If you’re visiting New York this fall, you can expect to see all sorts of tributes to Christopher Columbus and his native country, and there are many ways to join the festivities. If you’re traveling with small children, you can celebrate by playing games, visiting local highlights, or making a Columbus Day craft in NYC.
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  • Autumn Events and Activities in New York City


    As one of the most diverse cities in the nation, it is no wonder that New York City’s mass of cultures has converged to create some of the most incredible fall events in the nation. There is always something to see or do in this wonderful city, and the fall is no exception. If you are looking for some autumn events and activities in New York City, consider some of the following annual treats that residents and visitors alike enjoy each year.
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  • Experiencing Brooklyn in October: Halloween and More


    Brooklyn is a wonderfully unique and exciting area in the fall. Due to the rich cultural heritage that many of the residents celebrate, the autumn months are often packed full of exciting festivals and other events. For many people, it is the most exciting, lively time of the year and they would never dream of missing the various celebrations. Just imagine Brooklyn in October: Halloween, harvest festivals, Columbus Day 7 autumn. If you are in the Brooklyn area this fall, you should seriously consider taking part in one or more of the following activities:
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  • 5 Cruises for Enjoying the Fall Foliage from NYC


    One of the most memorable things about the fall in New York City is the gorgeous cascade of colors that greet the eye. If you want to take in as much of the fall foliage experience as possible, you may be interested in taking boat tours through the area. The peak time for these excursions is typically from the end of September through November. While NYC offers more visitor attractions that practically any other place in the world, there are only a few that highlight just how breathtaking the scenery is in the autumn. Here are 5 cruises for enjoying the fall foliage from NYC.
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  • Pumpkin Festival and Historical Fun on New York’s Staten Island


    Visitors to New York’s Staten Island will find a wide variety of fun family experiences. For travellers with a passion for history and a love of old time Americana, two of the island’s greatest treasures are historical Richmond Town and nearby Decker Farm, which hosts an old-fashioned pumpkin festival each fall.
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  • Planning a Trip to the Big Apple in October


    When you are planning a trip to the Big Apple, it is a good idea to research the seasons and events that occur throughout the five boroughs to find the time that is right for you. For instance, October is a lovey time to month New York City. The crisp, fall air is the ideal weather for exploring the city. The summer heat and crowds of tourists dwindle and the holiday visitors have not yet arrived. You might actually find yourself in a near-empty gallery or on a tour at less than full capacity. Keep reading for an October in New York City weather and event guide.
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  • All About the New York Film Festival


    We have all seen countless movies filmed with a NYC backdrop. It elucidates a magical and almost ethereal feeling. How exciting would it be to attend a movie shoot or even a film festival? Each year, NYC welcomes filmmakers to the myriad film festivals that occur throughout the five boroughs. Check out one of the upcoming festivals taking place in or around NYC.
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  • Bus Festivals Celebrate Monumental Strides in Public Transportation


    Everyone remembers their first bus ride, whether it was going to school, across town to a store or a cross-country trip. For decades, buses have been a mode of public transportation used by the young and old to get them where they need to go. As technology and innovations change, so has the bus, and what better way to explore the history of public transportation than at a bus festival. Thousands of people attend bus festivals all over the world, but none are quite like those found in New York City. Families and enthusiasts admire the unique vehicles, even taking free trips around town on specially-decked out recreations.
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