• Craft Beer Festivals Showcase Local Breweries for an Unforgettable Experience


    A craft beer festival is the ideal opportunity for those who are of legal drinking age to taste an abundant representation of beers originating from the NYC area breweries. The goal is simple: showcasing some amazing and exceptional local breweries and letting visitors experience a taste of NYC in a unique and distinctive way.
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  • Visiting Museums in New York City


    New York City has hundreds of famous, top-notch museums, providing exposure to a broad range of history, art, culture and education. Although it is an expensive city, it can be quite hospitable to tourists and locals, such as offering a free museum day. In fact, many of its premier museums, attractions, performances and galleries are free or offer pay-what-you-wish alternatives. If you are really seeking a bargain, try no- or low-cost admittance to venture into the unknown or even return to a favorite exhibit, gallery or piece of artwork.
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  • Brooklyn Street Fairs Connect Communities and Neighborhoods


    A street fair celebrates the character of a neighborhood, and no community does it better than Brooklyn! As the name suggests, a Brooklyn street fair is usually held on the main street of the neighborhood. With many vendors, you can find good food, unique merchandise, live music, parades and even dance demonstrations. Depending on what time of year it is, you can spend nearly every weekend exploring street fairs in various neighborhoods and enjoying live music, local color and unique, eclectic food.
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  • Cabaret on a Sailboat


    One of the popular tourist attractions when visiting New York City is a boat tour, whether it is to get a closer view of the Statue of Liberty, venture around the island of Manhattan, or learn about the different bridges and waterways. This is a great and unique way to see parts of the city, especially on warm sunny days.
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  • Spice Up Your Fall by Visiting Oktoberfest in Central Park


    New York City is a melting pot of heritages, and September celebrates the German celebration of Oktoberfest in Central Park. The event includes a parade, music, and lots of beer, and it attracts people from all over the world.
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  • Brace Yourself for New York Excitement with the Big Four Combo


    If you are visiting New York City, the Big Four Combo may be a smart purchase. It consists of seven different tours and views of popular sites, and the ticket saves you quite a bit of money.
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  • Coney Island Film Festival


    Enjoy a Unique Experience at the Coney Island Film Festival

    Do you love independent films and fun nights out? The Coney Island Film Festival is a great choice for people who want to see the best in modern American film while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere in the Coney Island neighborhood. Thousands of visitors enjoy this unique festival every September.
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  • Seeing New York City by Bike


    You can experience a unique side of New York City when you ride a bike through the city’s most exciting tourist attractions. Get access to parts of the city that other tourists don’t see — take a NYC Century Bike Tour. This two-hour tour gives you a special perspective on the greatest sights of the city.
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  • An Exciting Street Celebration in Manhattan’s Little Italy


    Every September, the historic Manhattan neighborhood of Little Italy is host to one of the most exciting street celebrations in New York. The annual Feast of San Gennaro is a colorful Italian street fair that features food, music, processions, parades and fun for the entire family.
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  • Exploring New York Fashion Week


    New York Fashion Week is an exciting semi-annual event where clothing designers show their collections to buyers. The press and the public also get in on the excitement, as models walk the runway in cutting edge designs. The event lasts between seven to nine days and is part of what’s called the “Big 4”: fashion weeks that take place in New York, Paris, London, and Milan. Fashion Week brings a lot of fun with it, like parties and celebrations. Even if you can’t attend many of the actual fashion shows, you’ll get swept up in the excitement of the city.
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