• Get Inspired at the Harlem International Film Festival


    The Harlem International Film Festival has taken place every September since 2005. As a well-known neighborhood in New York City, Harlem has a rich history as the home of many artists and entertainers for over a hundred years. Past and present residents include Al Pacino, Mekhi Phifer, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. They make up just a few of the extremely talented entertainers who have called Harlem home. The film festival showcases amazing talent and celebrates the spirit of both Harlem and of this particular art form. Harlem residents and those from around the globe come together to celebrate the power of the big screen.
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  • Experience the Caribbean Street Parade in Crown Heights, Brooklyn


    Every Labor Day, performers and onlookers revel in New York’s Caribbean Street Parade. This lively event takes place in the Crown Heights district of Brooklyn and is put on by the West Indian American Carnival Association. The parade is part of a larger festival, the West Indian-American Day Carnival, which is seven hours long and attracts almost two million people from around the region. The parade route is along the Eastern Parkway, and the event is known for its elaborate costumes, high energy, and cultural food and music. Brooklyn has a long history of being a veritable melting pot for those who come to America from various other countries around the globe. The Caribbean Street Parade represents the cultural heritage of those who have settled in America from the Caribbean islands.
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  • End Summer with a Bang at These Great Labor Day Weekend Getaways


    As you know, Labor Day marks the official end of the summer. While there’s plenty to be excited about in the fall, you can’t help but look back at the summer time with a bit of sad nostalgia. The great weather, the increased daylight, and the less-restrictive work and school schedules lend to more time spent together with your friends and family. As this summer comes to an end, why not treat you and your family to one last hurrah with a fun-filled weekend getaway?
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  • Celebrate Labor Day the Right Way


    For most, Labor Day is just another chance to utilize a three-day weekend to get a bunch of stuff done around the house. Yet how odd is it that most of us celebrate Labor Day by, well, laboring? In reality, Labor Day is meant to be a day to commemorate the American worker by giving him or her the chance to take day off, kick his or her feet up, and enjoy the end of summer. Thus, many major companies and institutions will be closed. Yet don’t worry; if you and your family are looking for fun things to do in NYC to shake up your Labor Day, you’ll find plenty of options.
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  • Let NYC Be the Staging Point for Your Next Cruise


    Let’s face it: Not all vacations are created equal. While the annual trip to the in-laws may make for some decent R&R, only certain vacations offer the chance to truly experience some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. If this year is the year that you and your family are considering throwing some real money down to take an epic vacation, you can’t go wrong with either an exciting trip to New York City, or thrilling-yet-also-relaxing cruise. If those are what your choices are narrowed down to, then the obvious question comes why not do both?
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  • Don’t Miss the Chance to See History Made at the 2015 U.S. Open


    For sports fans visiting New York City, in a Mets game at Citi Field might be something that they want to try and squeeze into their itinerary. Or perhaps they’d rather head on over to the Bronx and see the Yankees. A visit in the fall presents the opportunity to see either Giants or Jets at MetLife Stadium, as well as the opportunity to visit “The Garden” to watch the Knicks or the Rangers (or, if that’s sold out, head on over to the Barclays Center to catch the Nets or the Islanders). Yet while the prospect of a visit to any of those venues may excite you, if you’re really interested in being a part of sports history, then the one event you can’t miss is the annual U.S. Open Tennis Championships.
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  • 4 Things to Do and See in Harlem


    New York City has a lot to offer tourists, with each of the five boroughs providing seemingly endless options for food, dining, entertainment and lodging. One of the most commonly forgotten neighborhoods for visitors is Harlem, but this area is full of vibrant, interesting stops that should be on everyone's NYC itinerary, from a Harlem gospel tour to a traditional jazz concert. Whether you plan to stop in Harlem for a quick visit or really want to explore the rich history of one of New York's most interesting places, there is plenty to see and do while you are there.
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  • What to Do at Arthur Ashe Kids' Day


    In 1968, tennis legend Arthur Ashe became the first and only African American to win the U.S. Open. To honor his legacy and encourage healthy lifestyles, the Arthur Ashe Kids' Day is now held every year on the Saturday preceding the U.S. Open. If you are planning a visit, you may wonder what tennis family day activities are planned. With a wide range of events scheduled throughout the day, there is something for everyone.
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  • 3 Toddler-Friendly Attractions in New York City


    Many people assume that a trip to New York City is only for adults. With bustling streets, Broadway shows and gourmet food at every turn, it is the ultimate travel destination for those over 18, but it can be just as enjoyable for families with young children. Planning is the key to a fun, fulfilling trip, and there are plenty of stops to add to your itinerary, from the American Museum of Natural History to stops at some of the most popular tourist attractions.
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  • 6 Best Things to Do When You’re Traveling Solo in NYC


    It doesn’t matter if you have a full week in the Big Apple, or just a few hours on a layover flight. The important thing is that you’re in the big city and you have time to explore. The city that never sleeps won’t disappoint, but it’s a good idea to have some things planned so you make the most of your solo time in the city. New York is, perhaps arguably, the entertainment capital of the world. Consider visiting world famous NYC museums, head on a sightseeing tour or experience some of the best cuisine on the planet by dining NYC style. No matter what you do, prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime.
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