• The World’s Sport in New York City


    Not long ago the New York City Football Club team welcomed a brand new member into its ranks. Frank Lampard might have left his place on the England National Team behind to join up with a new organization, but he brings with him the skills and power that made him such a in that organization. Lampard is not the first European player to join up with this important club. He joins David Villa along with American players Jeb Brovsky and Josh Saunders as the newest members of the New York City FC. There is no question that this club is shaping up to be one of the most formidable in the country.
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  • Enjoying Your Time in Brooklyn


    As one of the five New York City boroughs, Brooklyn is home to many landmarks and sites of interest. Each borough has its own unique history and culture; there is something special to see in each one. Brooklyn in particular has some great destinations. These are just a few to consider visiting while in the area.
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  • Attending a Rumsey Playfield Concert This Summer


    Starting May 22nd, the 2015 Good Morning America Summer Concert Series returned to Central Park in New York City. This world-class venue draws record-setting crowds every season and this year has proven no different. Some of the most anticipated artists slated to appear this year include Florence and the Machine (June 5th), Dierks Bentley (June 26th), Nicki Minaj (July 24th), and 5 Seconds of Summer (August 21st). If you are headed to see any of the musicians performing in July, August, or September, there are some tips to keep in mind to maximize your outdoor concert experience, especially if you are going to see Nicki Minaj. The large crowds expected for this particular event require a couple extra steps involved that concert-goers should be aware of.
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  • Get an Insider’s View of NYC


    There are literally hundreds of ways to see New York. A cruise along the East and/or Hudson Rivers can offer you a glimpse of some of the city’s most popular attractions from afar. You can learn the details of New York’s rich history and culture while riding along on a hop on/hop off bus tour. If you have the money, you can even jump in a helicopter and see some spectacular views that few will ever get to witness. Yet while each of these tours offers a unique view of the Big Apple, none can provide you with as immersive of an experience as the one you get on the best walking tours in New York City.
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  • Celebrate Jazz in July in NYC


    It’s true that New York is known for having a vibe all its own. Perhaps that’s why so many in the city love jazz music. While New Orleans claims that it was born there and Utah owns the name of the basketball team, jazz has found a permanent home in New York City, leading many to give it the title of the jazz capital of world of the world. Anyone who’s been anyone in jazz has played the city’s many clubs, bars, concert halls, and arenas. Yet if you don’t have time to visit each of those venues separately, not to worry; the Jazz in July festival brings all of the biggest names in the genre under the same roof.
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  • Get a Taste of New York During NYC Restaurant Week


    New York is known for being the home of some of the finest hospitality services the world has to offer. Here, you can find some of the world’s finest hotels, see the world’s finest shows, and even eat at some of the world’s finest restaurants. If you’re a foodie, then New York has exactly what you’ve been looking for: a world-class sampling of global cuisine, all found in one location. Given the city’s diverse cultural mix, you could easily travel the world with your taste buds in just a few days.
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  • Come Enjoy New York’s Biggest Jerk


    Have you ever noticed that when it comes to spicy foods, there are no “middle-of-the-road” fans? You either love it with a white-hot passion, or you hate it so much you avoid putting even ketchup on your food. It takes a true foodie to appreciate good spice, and if you happen to fall into this group, you’re not alone. Your people are calling to you, and those Jamaican jams that you hear emanating from New York City are heralding the annual celebration of one of the greatest culinary concoctions known to man: the Jamaican jerk rub.
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  • Staying Safe in NYC


    You’ve probably already been told by numerous people that your life will not be complete without a trip to New York City. Guess what? They’re right! New York is truly a magical destination, and seeing its images in movies or on television doesn’t quite do it justice. Forget Paris; an NYC sightseeing trip is definitely something that you need to do in your lifetime.
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  • Enjoy an Evening of Wonder with the Big Apple Circus


    New York City is one of the most visited places in the entire world. Everyone who goes there returns raving about the many different sightseeing locales, the historic, scientific, and artistic attractions, and the many entertainment and fine-dining options the city has to offer guests of all ages. Yet for some strange reason, were you to go out and ask the average man on the street, he’d probably tell you that NYC is no place for kids. That’s because he’s never experienced a night of family circus fun like the Big Apple has to offer.
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  • Roam the City at Your Pace With a Freestyle New York Tour


    Have you ever wanted to visit New York? Riding along through the city in a bright red, double-decker bus, you will be immersed in the variety of cultural offerings from uptown to downtown, Brooklyn and the Bronx as well as an exciting night tour. The Freestyle New York tour includes 72 hours in which to enjoy five distinct tours and amazing attraction options, so you can see the sights of the city in an easy, flexible plan. Linger where you like, and follow your curiosity with the hop-on, hop-off tours (meaning that for all but the Bronx and the Night tours you are free to come and go as you please). The easy-to-spot busses depart every 25-30 minutes at each location allowing you the freedom to explore the fabulous New York City at your pace.
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