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This Week in NYC

  • Veterans Day Parade in New York City


    Washington, D.C. may be our nation’s capitol, but New York City is its heart. Since 1919 it has hosted what is now the nation’s largest Veterans Day Parade, and has honored veterans and active military through times of war and peace. The Veterans Day Parade in New York City is known as America’s Parade. It is a non-partisan, non-political celebration that provides an opportunity for the nation to show its pride and gratitude for the men and women who serve and protect our nation.
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  • Celebrate Veteran’s Day


    Although it isn’t the most-widely celebrated holiday in November, Veteran’s Day deserves honor. This day of respect and recognition began almost a hundred years ago, on November 11, 1918, when the First World War was officially over. The United States of America, like many other nations, had seen great sacrifice, death and carnage. To remember the men and women who had sacrificed much for the war cause, the country set aside the date November 11th as a federal holiday. Years later, it officially became known as Veteran’s Day when towns began using the day to honor their citizens who had served in the war.
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  • Plan Your Trip to the Big Apple Film Festival


    New York is a city that is known for doing everything bigger and better. Even going to the movies can be an experience that takes you far beyond the mundane. If you are in town during the latter part of the year, make sure you consider visiting the Big Apple Film Festival.
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  • Enjoying New York’s Village Halloween Parade


    If you’re going to be in New York for Halloween, then the Village Halloween Parade is an excellent way to celebrate the season. This unique festival embodies both the spirit of the city and the fun of the holiday, combining to create an unforgettable experience. Visitors and residents alike will enjoy this parade.
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  • Fun Easy to Find at Manhattan’s Marco Polo Festival


    Set your calendar for this fall’s Marco Polo Festival, a neighborhood-wide celebration of Manhattan’s Chinatown and Little Italy communities as well as the special relationship that exists between the two. Before Marco Polo was a game kids play at the neighborhood pool, it was the name of an Italian travel and explorer often credited for being the first European to arrive in China. While some argument exists over whether he was indeed the first European to arrive there, the fact that he was the first to leave a detailed and thorough chronicle of his journey is undisputable.
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  • Wine and Dine at the New York City Wine & Food Festival


    Love to eat, drink and support a great cause? Then mark your calendar now for the New York City Food & Wine Festival, an annual event benefitting Food Bank for New York City and the No Kid Hungry® Campaign.
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  • The New York City Columbus Day Parade


    The Columbus Day Parade in New York City is a massive celebration of discovery, dedication, and Italian-American heritage that comes to town every October. This parade is an excellent way to celebrate the holiday and get to know the city better.
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  • All About the New York Film Festival


    We have all seen countless movies filmed with a NYC backdrop. It elucidates a magical and almost ethereal feeling. How exciting would it be to attend a movie shoot or even a film festival? Each year, NYC welcomes filmmakers to the myriad film festivals that occur throughout the five boroughs. Check out one of the upcoming festivals taking place in or around NYC.
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  • Craft Beer Festivals Showcase Local Breweries for an Unforgettable Experience


    A craft beer festival is the ideal opportunity for those who are of legal drinking age to taste an abundant representation of beers originating from the NYC area breweries. The goal is simple: showcasing some amazing and exceptional local breweries and letting visitors experience a taste of NYC in a unique and distinctive way.
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  • Coney Island Film Festival


    Enjoy a Unique Experience at the Coney Island Film Festival

    Do you love independent films and fun nights out? The Coney Island Film Festival is a great choice for people who want to see the best in modern American film while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere in the Coney Island neighborhood. Thousands of visitors enjoy this unique festival every September.
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